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Clients establish a solid groundwork of strength and balance in both movement and nutrition, resulting in an enriched quality of life. Discovering the equilibrium between strength and nutrition awaits you at Anchor to Life.

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9 reviews
  • Tanisha Jackson·

    Amanda is great!!! We have been working together for over 5 yrs and now she is working with me on nutrition. Since I have been doing both packages with her I can tell a difference in my total body health. I feel better and have way more energy

  • Wendy Steinbaum·

    Love Amanda. Always asks the question how are you today. Your answer determines the session. Always feel better afterwards.

  • Anna·

    From a first lesson I was very impressed with Amanda’s teaching. Amanda knows exactly what your body needs to make it stronger, more flexible and pain free. Would highly recommend!

  • Heather·

    Amanda is awesome! She works with you where you are that day, even if that means coming up with a new plan for your session on the fly. She addresses your concerns and finds ways to work with and around injuries so you get the benefit of pilates. She makes it fun too! She is knowledgeable, caring, flexible and encouraging.

  • Pam Santoro·

    Amanda was wonderful. So knowledgeable and helpful making sure I understood the correct movements to each exercise. She has put me on a path to maintain my body for life. Totally a good experience. Amanda is great!

  • Lisetta Esposito·

    Amanda, my Pilates teacher, is an exceptional person, very professional and knows how to explain the exercises in detail.
    During the lesson she is always very kind, attentive to what I do and always ready to correct me when the exercise is not done correctly.
    I really like to do Pilates with her .

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